Friday, March 2, 2012


Slice of Life Story Challenge
Today is one of those crazy days when my 7th graders are what we call "squirrely"!  We are having a huge line of thunderstorms blow through and it has made the twenty nine kids in my 2nd block frisky.  Something about thunderstorms causes them to change into their "child" personality.  

"What are you talking about?" you ask.  "They are children."

Well, yes, technically they are.  However, 7th graders are inhabited by two distinct personalities.  One is the "grown-up-I'm-too-cool-for-you-and-your concern" and the other is that "I'm-still-a kid-and-need-the-security-and-comfort-you-provide" child.  I love these dual personalities because there is never a day (or sometimes even a block) when you know which one you'll get!  

Ahh, the joys of middle school...


  1. That dual personality was what I loved most about 7th graders! I remember a spring thunderstorm once that got the kids asking, "Are we getting out early?" It doesn't take much to rile them up, does it?

  2. No, anything out of the ordinary that changes their routine can send them into a tizzy! But I love them too. Of course anyone that is planning to stay in teaching long term better love kids, right?

    I'm sure those high school kids have their moments as well.

    Thanks for becoming the first follower of my blog! I am THRILLED because you are one of the biggest reasons I joined the Slice Challenge!

  3. I LOVE the way you described your seventh graders' dual personalities. That's really spot-on.

    As an aside, I never understood what the term "hot mess" meant 'til I started teaching.

  4. Absolutely, Stacey! You made me chuckle with your aside because we have quite a few "hot messes" running around our building!

    Thanks for reading my slice and leaving a comment! :)

  5. I teach Reading Intervention to all three grades in middle school. Each grade has their own personality, or as you said more than one personality. I'm in a very diverse middle school, and I love that. There's never a dull moment! : )

  6. Hi, Linda. Middle school teachers have our own unique niche, don't we? Wow, I'm sure Reading Intervention brings its own set of challenges! Bless you!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. I miss that dual personality of seventh graders. I agree, you never knew which you were going to get, which made teaching them fun. Teaching first grade is fun this year, but there was something about middle school that was magical.

    Thinking Out Loud

    1. Oh, Jana, you are amazing! I don't think I could teach those 1st grade sweeties. They are adorable, but I love my middle schoolers!

      This challenge has been such a positive experience. I was so scared no one would read my slices, much less comment on them! Thanks so much for the comment and the follow--I'm honored! :)