Saturday, March 31, 2012

How My Writing is Like Playing Angry Birds

Today is the last day of this writing challenge!  I can't believe it.  When I look back on it, it doesn't seem like it has been thirty one days.  I have left tonight's slice till late.  I think I put it off because I truly don't want it to be over.  I know I will slice on Tuesday's, but this month has been such a valuable experience for me and it's hard to let that go.  One thing I learned is that writing in the Slice of Life Story Challenge this month (and writing for me in general) reminded me of playing the game Angry Birds.  Here's my explanation:

  • In Angry Birds, there are different levels.  The birds have to go through obstacles to get to the pigs.  Sometimes a piece of wood or a rock will help the bird blow up the pigs. You get through a level by taking out all the pigs.  During this challenge, I have had obstacles to tackle to try to get to the next level in my writing.  Finding the time to write, a topic that mattered to me, and the self-doubt I experienced all worked to keep me from writing.  My Writer's Notebook became my piece of wood and your comments and encouragement became my rocks to help me take out those pigs!
  • The birds have different abilities and talents they use to blow up the pigs.  I was amazed at the different talents that I came across when I read the slices of others in the challenge!  There are so many wonderful writers participating and I learned something from each of the slices that I read.  These writers sparked ideas and made me stretch my thinking when deciding the structure of what I would try to write.  
  • Playing the game can be very frustrating at times!  I can't always get it right and wipe out the pigs each time I play and I leave them there smiling at me like "Ha ha!  I won!  You aren't very good at this game, are you?"  When I sat down to write each day, I didn't always get it right.  I wrote pieces that never made it to the blog and I wrote pieces that made it, but I wasn't happy with the results.  I felt I wasn't very good some days, but I continued to write just like I continue to play Angry Birds.  I will keep trying to get a little better each time I play and each time I write!

I will keep writing and I thank you all, especially Ruth and Stacey, for the opportunity to participate and be a part of this wonderful group!


  1. I really like this analogy. You are so right about the road blocks...and the different abilities and talents...and the frustration. Wow. I just connected with this on so many levels. I thought the second year would be easier, but in some ways it was harder. Thanks for your comments on my blog...
    I'll read you on Tuesday!

    1. So many parallels, right?! Deb, I've enjoyed your blog and thanks for all your feedback on mine. It has been a great month! :)