Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Soothing List

With Spring Break still three weeks away for us (I'm envious that some of you are already celebrating your break), I am beginning to feel drained.  We have had no breaks (ie. no workdays) this year. I began to think this morning about some of the things that soothe my heart and help me gather my thoughts and recharge.

Here is my personal list of the things that soothe me:

  • Writing--whether its the pen in my hand flowing across the paper or the tap, tap, tapping of my fingers on the keyboard
  • Homemade vegetable soup--my grandma's favorite comfort food to cure all my hurts (physical or emotional)
  • A long, easy run--soaking in the peace of the early morning
  • A drink of water--refreshing and cool after a run
  • Time with my family--my children, my brothers and their wives, assorted nieces and nephews who remind me of who I am and all my human connections 
  • Walking on the beach--listening to the sounds of the water rhythmically touching the shore 
  • Prayer--talking to God and knowing He will take care of me no matter the circumstances
  • A good piece of chocolate--enough said :)
  • My pets--Shadow, my Golden Retriever and Arthur, my cat both of whom make me laugh
  • A great book--Wonder being the latest of fantastic reads 
  • Candles--any kind (votives, tapers, pillars); it doesn't matter as long as it's lit
  • A great cup of coffee--love the coffee of my home town coffee shop (La Vida Mocha) and the great Turkish owners
  • A leisurely Saturday morning--nothing on the agenda except enjoying the day ahead
  • Cooking--might be a strange one to some folks, but gathering, preparing, and making a meal for my family brings joy 
  • Fishing--in one of the ponds around my house, I have to practice patience, slow down, and let the fish decide what to do 
  • Laughter--from chuckles to giggles to causing-more-wrinkles-at-the corners-of-my-eyes deep belly laughs, it really performs miracles for the soul
  • Being from the South, a Moon Pie and an ice-cold Cheerwine in a glass bottle--a treat from my memories of childhood 

     Once I started thinking about this, more and more of my simple blessings came to mind.  I hope that will happen to you too.  What would your list look like?  What soothes your heart?  


  1. I love your soothing list! Good cup of coffee, walking on the beach,candles, great book, and many others that you have on your list, would also be on my list. idea for a slice to come...Thanks!

  2. I'm soothed by reading your list! Thanks for this today.


  3. Oh, yes! Writing, reading, praying, time with grandchildren, time with true friends, . . . I could go on. You have planted a vine in my mind. Thanks.