Friday, March 23, 2012

A Short Slice to End the Week

A short slice to start the weekend:

     I'm looking out at my students right now during independent reading time.  Some are working on writing reading responses, some are reading from their chosen books, some are readying themselves for conferring by looking for parts in the book they want to talk about, and some are choosing books to read from my book shelves.  Every one is engaged in some type of purposeful reading or writing about their reading in some meaningful way.  Sometimes everything goes according to plan and the teacher in me is blessed!  Ending my school week with a smile!


  1. Wonderful way to end a week!

  2. I love it when weeks (or even a day) ends like this. Unfortunately, today was not the day!

  3. The fact that all students were engaged in meaningful literacy activities speaks volumes about you as a teacher! You've instilled a love of reading and you've taught your procedures well. You deserve a pat on the back! :)

    Jennifer K.