Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Surprise

     Went out walking this morning to enjoy the start of a beautiful day here in North Carolina.  I felt the peace of an unhurried morning and the budding signs of spring slowly chipping away the cares of the hectic work week that just passed.  Turning at the corner of my house to go back inside to wake my son, I noticed the blooms on my camellia bush were gone.  Faded red and white petals lay strew across the ground, a carpet of welcome to all who enter my home.
      Even though I thought the show was over, the waxy green leaves shared their surprise with me.  Nestled in the branches of the tall shrub was one last lovely star waiting to shine.  A single blossom, the last of its kind till fall, offered to me as a gift for taking the time to notice its peppermint perfection.
      Who knew writing in this challenge would bring so many lovely rewards?


  1. What a beautiful flower to notice! Enjoy your newly tuned noticing skills.

  2. Thanks, Chris, for stopping by and commenting. I am enjoying slowing down to notice!

  3. I love your imagery! Nature is the best creator... Great slice!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate your comment. I have been working on trying to improve the imagery in my writing. I'm glad the effort came through in this slice!