Friday, March 30, 2012

Letter to You

Dear Slicers,
    Thank you so much for the support you have offered me in the month of March.  This month has been filled with so many ups and downs.  I have written every day even though I didn't always make the midnight cutoff to get it posted.  I have commented on other posts, marveled at the talent of the writers here, and been amazed at the comments that were offered on my writing and the writing of others.
     When I started this challenge, I was frightened about opening myself to the blogging world.  Even though I did not know you all personally, my heart was going to be opened for all to peek into and it was a scary prospect.  However, you put those fears aside with your kindness and support--even when I knew some of my posts weren't that great!  You all made me feel like you were with me and understood despite how well (or not so well) I expressed myself.
     You have given me the courage to write about memories, stories, people, and topics that are difficult to write about and put out there.  You have encouraged me to write from the heart and I have done that.  Thank you for nudging me to explore and come to know myself as a person, teacher, and writer!
     I will continue to write (and grow as a writer) and I will be able to help my students grow as writers as well because of you!  Thank you so much for helping me find the confidence so that I may help others find their voice.


  1. Isn't this an amazing community. I feel bad because I know I didn't read every slicer. And, I didn't respond to all that I did read. But I sure loved reading them. Hope to read you on Tuesday!

    1. Thank you, Deb. You have been a great cheerleader! I read many slices too, but couldn't get to them all and couldn't comment on them all either--just not enough time in the day. I will "see" ya on Tuesday! Take care.