Saturday, April 7, 2012

Still More Book Spine Poems

Here are the rest of the "best of" my students' Book Spine poems.  We all enjoyed this assignment so much!  The kids are still talking about it.  Thanks, Dana, (She Writes Because...) for sharing your poems that inspired us to get started!  


  1. The kids did a GREAT job! Congrats to you and your students! What fun! Still trying to figure out how I can wing this at my school . . . without ruffling feathers!

  2. Oh, Michelle, I hope you can do this! Maybe if you have another teacher or two you could buddy up with and use your combined classroom libraries to do these...if your Media Center isn't gung-ho?

  3. I think any librarian should be up for this. The kids exploring the books, finding titles they may want to read later....this is a plus! Anyone who know the alphabet can re-shelve the fiction, but non-fiction? Teach the math kids! ;)

    Janice in Dallas