Tuesday, April 17, 2012


There is no "official" Slice of Life Tuesday today since Stacey and Ruth over at Two Writing Teachers are taking a much deserved break.  However, many who slice regularly and those, like me, who started the SOLS Challenge in March for the first time this year, wanted to keep writing.  I am very late posting today and must admit that I'm beat!  If you are a teacher, you know how hectic and stressful this time of year (Testing Time...oh, joy!) is for us.  Out of respect for my tired body and brain, my slice is a very brief one tonight.


Listening to the rain peppering the roof and the thunder clearing it's throat

Loving that the day is winding down and I finally have enough time to be able to write

Thinking I need to make sure my fifteen year old is actually in bed trying to fall asleep and NOT on his cell phone, but first I need to write

Wanting the field testing and the regular testing to be behind the kids so we can concentrate on learning and stop stressing

Needing some uninterrupted sleep tonight with no worries

Super Power finding a way to let the day settle inside myself, going to a quiet place, and writing--no matter how briefly


  1. Perfect--having those days myself! BTW, loved the line "thunder clearing its throat." Very cool.

  2. Your comments push me to keep writing. Thanks, Deb!