Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final Copies

Today we had to finish an essay that our administration was requiring be done as evidence that writing is taking place in our Language Arts classrooms in 7th grade.  This is a slice from one block today..

Ten students who took chances in their writing--whether it was trying out a new word or a different type of lead--these students wanted their essays to reflect how they have grown as writers this year.

Nine final copies that were great examples of "voice" in a text.

Eight computers that had some type of technical issue that had to be fixed before their essays could be published.

Seven students who wanted to confer one last time before deciding they were ready to publish their final copy.

Six students who loved their essays and wanted to share what they had written.

Five titles that were interesting enough for other students to comment "Oh, I wish I had thought of that one."

Four students who did not complete an essay.  :(

Three essays finished with only a few minutes left before the deadline in the block.

Two out-of -ink pens.

One teacher who was happy with the accomplishments of her students!

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