Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Planning to Write for Teachers Write!

A little late making it to the first day of camp, but I'm here finally!  It's the last week of school and there is a FULL MOON, people!  Making time to write is difficult at the moment, however, I have a plan.

I have thought about what I can let go for the next couple of days to be able to write.  I am at school generally until around 5.  Our students leave at 3:15.  If I leave at 4:30, I would have an extra half hour to write once I got home.  After the final end of year workdays and an instructional mapping workshop on the Common Core Standards, I will be able to write in the mornings after my wake up cup of coffee and my breakfast.  My fifteen year old son will still be asleep and my twenty year old will be at work so I will only have the cat there to distract me.

I will spend the time writing at my kitchen table--in the afternoons until school is over and then in the mornings.  Looking out the window there, I will be able to see my beautiful, green front yard.  I have two huge water oak trees the birds and squirrels love! ( I suppose I have to include watching them as a distraction for me also. )

My students at school as well as my sons know about my plans to attend writing camp and how and when I will work on becoming a better writer.  Now, of course, I have shared these intentions with other members of the Teachers Write! community--being held accountable to myself and the people that I've shared this plan with will should be enough to keep me motivated until August 10th and beyond.

Thank you, Kate, and all the authors and other teacher/librarian writers involved in helping me grow as a writer!


  1. Way to go! (And I'm glad I'm not the only person who was a day late posting their writing plan!) I'm totally jealous of those of you who can write in the mornings... I HATE mornings! Wishing you a summer full of writing, learning, and a new community of teacher-writer friends! :-)

  2. Tracy, glad you'll be joining the writing camp! I was ahead of the game on the first "assignment" but I haven't written anything else. I'm glad it's a little more relaxed and at your own leisure! But a plan is always important to have, so you are ready to go . . . once school is done and over!