Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lincoln, a Girl, and Some Summer Fun

Sitting in the parking lot waiting on Lincoln to get finished with color guard practice, I realize I am famished!  It's almost six in the evening and my lunch time at school is 10:43.  My stomach makes that Winnie the Pooh "rumbly in my tumbly" sound that used to make my little boys laugh when they heard it.

Lincoln makes his way out of the high school slowly.  He has a girl with him.  Hmmm, interesting.  "Hey, mom.  You think we could give Morgan a ride home?"

I grinned at him and quickly said, "Of course we can."

Lincoln put his purple color guard flag awkwardly in the truck.  He angled it across the seat so that there was room for Morgan and her flag too.  He hopped in the truck bed so this cute brunette could ride up front in the cab with me.

We drove down the road and dropped Morgan at her house in a small neighborhood about half a mile from the school.  Lincoln joined me and I began to throw out the "mama questions" so quickly he finally said, "Mom, geez, can you give me a break here?"

I had to laugh.  He had just spent almost twelve hours at school.  He was tired and didn't feel like being grilled about a girl at the moment so I set my curiosity aside for the time being.

My stomach growled again which prompted him to ask the question that I constantly hear from him after a long day at school (and sometimes a not-so-long day).   "What's for dinner?"

"How about we run to Waxhaw and grab a bite there?"  I had had a tough day too and didn't feel like cooking, but I was so hungry!

"Sure, that sounds good," Lincoln replied.  "What do you feel like eating?  You want Chinese?"

"How about Luigi and Sons?  I really don't want Chinese,"  I answered.

"Okay, that works," Lincoln smiled.

We made our way into the small nearby town of Waxhaw.  It's a quiet little town with lots of charming antique shops and a few quality restaurants.  Luigi and Sons is one of our favorites when we feel like splurging on some rich Italian food.  It is small place with a quiet atmosphere that begs you to sit and relax a while over a great meal.

Entering the restaurant, we were suddenly hit with the amazing aromas of garlic , tomatoes, pizza, and pasta.  Lincoln and I look over the menu.  We talk about what we want to eat, decide, and the waitress, Heather, comes over to take our order.

As Heather leaves our table and enters the kitchen through it's silver door, we hear her loudly call out the cook's name, "Marco!"

Lincoln yells back lightning fast, "Polo!"

I can't help it; I burst into giggles.  The couple in the booth next to us crack up.  He has the whole place laughing!

He's a witty young man and since he was a July baby, summer is never far from his mind.

We finished our wonderful dinner and started for home.  With my hunger satisfied, I was happy to return to the topic we had shelved while we ate.

 "So, who is Morgan...?"


  1. Oh my, what an awesome slice! I was with you all the way, giggling over Marco Polo and loving how you brought the whole girl-thing back at the end. Awesome reading for me! :)

  2. I love the name Lincoln! Okay, I know that is not the point here, but I had to mention that. The ease of your relationship with your son is clear in the way you describe this comfortable exchange. Your admiration of him and his ways is clear, your appreciation for the predictability of some aspects of your relationship (what's for dinner?) is clear, and your motherly prodding for information is clear (but gentle--good for you)!

  3. I agree with Christy--what a great relationship you have with your son. Loved the great descriptions in this piece and the dialogue really added to the piece.