Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Student Voice


     Today I was looking back at some of the work my students have completed on their Google Docs Reading Response Logs.  I have 7th graders and sometimes quite often I can only shake my head at their thinking and writing about what they read.  These students have so many things going on in their lives. "Drama" is a synonym for most 7th graders!  However, many students have real talent in writing about their reading which unfolds as the year progresses.
     A. is one of those kids.  She is not at the top of the "A" honor roll each six weeks.  She has a tendency to procrastinate sometimes quiet often.  She is also one of the most creative students I have ever seen.  She's a thinker!
     We had Extend 2 testing going on in our building today.  This testing is an assessment that certain kids in our special education program take instead of the regular End of Grade tests.  Teachers had their homerooms for over two hours this morning!  We worked on many things during this time.  Regular testing begins next Tuesday with the Reading EOG.  Of course, we are all feeling the stress and pressure of the testing.   I needed to take a look at my Reading Response Logs for evidence that my students were ready for two hours of reading selections (9 passages) and answering 62 multiple choice questions.
     I was reminded that sometimes I need to look at the big picture of the growth over the course of the entire year.  A.  sometimes quiet often always makes me smile!  I do not worry about her or her ability to ace any Reading test thrown her way.
     A.'s voice and  personality shine through in her writing about her reading.  I hope you enjoy these excerpts from her Reading Response Log and I wish you many students that bring you joy during this Teacher Appreciation Week!  Thanks for all you do!

     When I look at her work, she is authentic and thoughtful.  She has areas of need and areas of tremendous strength in her thinking about her reading.  Sometimes Quiet often I am so glad to be in a classroom working with these awesome kids!


  1. Great images and great reminder! Real reading makes them ready!

  2. Your post made me miss seventh graders just a little bit. Love her voice!